This past year was my best yet! Why? because of all the wonderful support by dancers from around the world! Here are stories from some of those groups who supported me. Thank you and have a great year and thanks again! ---- Henry Costa

Gum Tree Country - The Neitherlands

North Hill Dancers of Biddinghuizen and Lelysted

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Peter van der Wende and I and my daughter Jody are both dancing with the North Hill Country Dancers of Lelystad and Biddinghuizen. My daughter Jody is also a dance-instructor there. Lelystad and Biddinghuizen are both rather small towns below the sea-level and situated in the centre of the Netherlands. Some 50 years ago these towns did not even exist because there was sea were we are living now.As you probably know we Dutch people are famous for our fights against the water and for building Dykes. In total we have approximately 120 dancers split up in a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced group of dancers. We also have an exhibition team (see the picture above). Apart from all the well known dances we have recently learned Henry Costa’s great dance called Hopping Mad! We love on this dance to Devil Gate Drive by Suzi Quatro (great stuff !!).We certainly will do some more dances choreographed by Henry Costa in the near future. Well that’s about it from the Netherlands. Feel free to visit our home-page at: and ……. Keep on dancing !! ------ Peter van der Wende

The Line Dance Factory - Vienna, Austria

It was a good year for our group, we now are about 40 Dancers, but in Austria there are not so much line dancers. It is hard work to find new dancers. The younger people don't like this kind of dances. But there is a small group of hard liners, who don't give up. Me and my family dances since 5 years and we began with small dances like "Electric Slide", "Cowboy Hustle", "Slap'n Leather", "Tush Push" and we were so proud, that we learned these dances from video. Later we ordered some line dance papers, and we worked hard to learn the dances from the sheets, because it was strange to read the english descriptions. But now we are really professional, and we are proud to be one of the best line dance groups in Austria. There are two other groups in our level, and best of all, all these groups are friends with us! There is only a professional competition between groups. In Sept. 2000,for the second time we where the official group of the greates country-event in Austria. We learned some dances from you. We love Freedom, I'm Onto You and Cowgirl Mansion En vouge are the most dances around Scooter Lee's Songs: "Jai du Boogie, Wasn't That A Party, Rose Garden, and Dizzy. In the year 2000 we also danced "Dancing Violins", "Addicted To Love", "Island In The Stream", "Syncopated Rhythm", and many more. You can visit our home page but it is only in German. "A healthy and successful new year from the Line Dance Factory ------ Elisabeth Valenta

Illusions Dance Club - Wolcott, Connecticut, U.S.A

Illusions Dance Club is located in Wolcott, Connecticut. The dancers are different on different nights. Sunday, family day/night, opens at 4pm. Lesson 4:30-5:30pm is always. Sometimes a mixer is added at 7pm for a break. Crowd goes from children to seniors…a nice blend. Music is mostly country. Usually will see the older classic dances, "Elvira", "El Paso", "Blue Rose", and "Boot Scootin' Boogie". Also lots of 2 step. Newer dances include the following , Hopping Mad!, danced to Martina McBride's Love's The Only House, "Kathy's Waltz", "Roll With The Punches", and "Kiss This Goodbye". Friday & Saturday is a full house with a full mix, country and non-country music. Dancers are young & old, all levels! There is even bull riding, but no lessons. Wed. lessons are from 7-8:30pm (1 line, 1 partner, and 1 review) are usually intermediate. Mostly, to country music to newer songs that are on the radio now. Dancers are mostly aged 30+ & more experienced. The line dancers are looking for the newer stuff but the partners are happy with the old classics including 2 step. Some favorites include "Rose Garden", "El Paso", "You Ain't Hurtin" and "Mardi Gras Mambo". Thursday is a little younger crowd, but a mix of ages & abilities. It's beginner night! Easier lessons, lots of reviews, and as the evening progresses the crowd gets younger. Lessons are 7:30-9:15pm. First part of the lesson is a slow teach (1 line and 1 partner) then it is quick reviews and reminders and cues. Favorites include old & new dances "Elvira", "Alpine", "Indian Kick", "Pizzirrico", "Charleston Strut" and "Spellbound". During the holidays there are a lot of holiday tunes and dances. Now a little about me for any one who is interested. I danced Ballet and Tap from kindergarden into college. I have been teaching country since 1986 (way before it was "cool") I have been teaching "country line and partners" part-time since Sept. 1993 full-time since May 1996. I have been at "Illusions Dance Club" since Feb. 2000. I run senior jamborees & trips. I have a small group of dancers that help with Demo's, Fairs, and travel with me called "Lynne's Line Dancers". I am currently the coordinator of our "Independent Teacher's Training Workshops" that meet monthly. I belong to NTA. I was corresponding Secretary and served on the board for "New England Western Dance Association". Many years ago I was privileged to be one of the winners of a dance contest giving me a chance to dance a couples waltz on stage at "Oakdale" for Kenny Rogers while he sang "Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight". Also, I have joined other dance groups to perform at "Hunter Mt" in New York and a spotlight dance on TNN's "Wildhorse" My main goal is NOT perfection but it IS to have fun…We smile and laugh a lot! You can learn more about Illusions Dance Club at their main web site -------- Lynne Flanders

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