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Welcome to the official web site of Line Dance Choreographer & Instructor "Mr. Hopping Mad!" Henry Costa. Celebrating 19 Years of dancin' Fun!

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New Thursday Evening Line Dance Classes! Session
Starts Thursday January 12th in Fremont, CA.

New Line Dance Classes start Thursday January 12th at The Fremont Adult School and Continuing Education located at 4700 Calaveras Ave, Fremont, CA. Beginner class from 6:45pm to 7:30pm and Intermediate 7:30pm to 8:30pm! sign up and more information please click on the links below or please call 510-793-6465.  Also visit the Fremont Adult School web site 
Beginner Class
Intermediate Class
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New Beginner Dance Brighter Life Premieres!

My new dance Brighter Life was choreographed for Parkinson's Patients so they can work on their movement and balance to enjoy in class, with family or friends, but anyone can enjoy it and give themselves a Brighter Life! I hope all of you give a chance and enjoy it with your class. A special thank you to all my students for being part of the dance demo video below! Thanks to everybody for your continued support!

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